What we can offer you

The type of system you choose to have installed will depend on the size of your garden, and whether or not you would like sprinklers in your lawn. We can either install a simple irrigation system that runs directly off the mains water supply, or a pressure system which uses a pump inside a tank, fed by your mains water supply. The former is ideal for a small garden that contains primarily flower beds and uses drip pipe (less visible) and/or micro sprinklers (easy to move around). The latter is best suited to big gardens with lawns and/or beds using a combination of pop-up sprinklers, drip pipe and micro sprinklers.


Hunter is our first choice for pop-up sprinklers and sprinkler heads/nozzles.  They lead the irrigation industry all over the world. 

Rain Bird

Rain Bird manufactures smart-looking valve boxes and solenoid valves.


If you choose to have a tap-timer system, we will use Claber equipment. Their products are user-friendly, efficient, and durable.